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Painting        Photography

Open Studio: Saturday, October 6th. Starting at 2pm
Bliss on Bliss Studios,Queens, NYC
also Open Daily by Appointment
Current Showings:
- 2 Exhibitions at the LIC Arts Open @ The Factory, LIC, Queens
- Opening Oct 6th at BWAC: Red Hook, Bklyn.


Paintings/2016C.JPG Paintings/2016B.JPG Paintings/2017A.JPG Paintings/2016A.JPG
Paintings/2018B.jpg Paintings/2018A.jpg Paintings/SLAB10.jpg Paintings/SLAB9.JPG
Paintings/SLAB8.JPG Paintings/SLAB7.JPG Paintings/SLAB6.JPG Paintings/SLAB5.JPG
Paintings/SLAB4.JPG Paintings/SLAB3.JPG Paintings/SLAB2.jpg Paintings/SLAB1.JPG