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A native New Yorker, Jason formally trained in stage design but went on to pursue a career as a fine artist. Returning first to photography, Jason toured nationally many times over accompanying actors and jazz musicians honing his acuity for candid and street portraiture. On the flip-side, Jason kept his painting skills sharp by freelancing as a scenic artist Off Broadway.
A seasoned arts educator, Jason founded the photography program at the Harlem Children's Zone then on to AHRC to establish a studio art curriculum for adults with developmental disabilities. His years spent in occupational day-habs fortuitously lead to the creation of his first cohesive series entitled SLABS: ten freely carved and thickly painted recycled plywood panels.
Since their debut as a solo exhibition at Topaz Arts these large naturalistic abstract microcosms have shown regularly in commercial and collective galleries throughout the city. In 2018 Jason was awarded a yearlong residency at Bliss on Bliss Studios which begat a second solo exhibition through ChaShaMa in midtown Manhattan. Jason is an active member of the Plaxall Gallery in LIC which functions as a nurturing venue. At present, Jason works tirelessly from his studio now located at Queens Plaza.
Artist Statement:
As a painter Jason works unwittingly opposite against a crisp photographic viewpoint resulting in reactionary arrays of color and reliance on rudimentary forms; elemental materials weathered and decayed outlined with an artificial vibrancy. His method is improvisational resulting in expressionistic, vegetal and cellular-like formations constructed with a complete lack of forethought to conclusion rather riding a wave of openness during each stage of fabrication; random intent proves itself predictable and repetitive.

Surface preparation is somewhat ceremonial as he randomly gouges out trenches or divots replacing the removed material with a plaster based amalgam. Once hardened, that too becomes eroded and painted. The remaining flat wooden planes are painted or stained similarly then sequentially sealed, masked and painted over in floating repetitious layers of playful dominant conglomerations of color.

Someone described Jason's work as ‘epidermal landscapes’ for there certainly is liveliness to these seemingly microscopic slices of larger biological or molecular structures. The series entitled SLABS consists of ten uniformed sized paintings plus one larger prequel bridging the evolutionary gap. Numbers seven and eight morphed from pure abstraction into something floral like whereas nine and ten became erratic post parenthood. Current paintings are refined: smaller, manageable with several new pieces produced during long term residencies granted by Topaz Arts and Bliss on Bliss Studios, both located in western Queens.